Artist Inquiry

Artist Inquiry

At PlayfulSPlash, we are constantly looking to grow our product selection with decorative and fine art that we feel fit our line. If you are a talented artist who believes that your products have what it takes to satisfy the unique styling needs of our loyal customers, we would love to talk to you.

When we decide to carry the product of an artist, he does not only become a trusted partner he becomes a member of the PlayfulSplash selective family. We establish direct relations with each artist to ensure the products supplied are both authentic and quality.

If you are an established or upcoming artist interested in becoming a PlayfulSPlash partner, you can make the initial inquiry on our website. Once we receive your request, our brand manager will review it and will be in touch.

In your inquiry please share information about yourself and specific details explaining what your art is about. Also, include links to images of your products.

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