Man Pulling Wheel Barrow
In downtown Port-au-Prince, the scenery of a Haitian man pulling a wheelbarrow full of goods that probably weight 10 times as much as he does is very common. Therefore it only makes sense that Haitian artists would eventually depict such a scenery through a visual art form. This week’s art is a clay sculpture capturing a hard working Haitian man pulling a wheelbarrow under the burning rays of the Caribbean sun. The stance of the man in this sculpture embodies the pride Haitians put into a job regardless of how low its required skill level. But those who have actually taken the time to watch a man hauling a wheelbarrow through the rough streets of Haiti would agree that this is not just an ordinary job; it is as much of a sport as well as it is an art. The techniques used to pull, coast, and stop those 'vehicles' could be the subject of a whole other blog post. But for now, I encourage you to focus on this beautiful clay art piece with a very playful nuance of colors.
Reginald Michel


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